Highspeed Foot Passenger Ferry Services

YVRCLIPPER is a Project by HOLLAND CANADA LINE (HCL) to establish high-speed foot passenger services between selected ports & destinations.

The sole purpose of this Project is to seek out interested parties, operators & investors (hereon PARTIES).

These PARTIES include, but are not limited to, Any Company, Vessel Owners / Operators and Bus Owners / Operators - including PARTIES respective affiliations & associations - as the case may be.

PARTIES are not owned (in part or whole) directly or indirectly with or by HCL.

THEREFORE - PARTIES are 100% independently owned & operated Entities, Companies or Individuals and are not affiliated with HCL WHATSOEVER.

YVRCLIPPER / HCL sole provision is guidance. Any decisions made by PARTIES as a result of YVRCLIPPER provisions are the full and unconditional responsibility of PARTIES - including any consequences (arising) thereof - whatsoever - for any time.

Ultimately YVRCLIPPER / HCL has
absolutely no control, whatsoever, over the PARTIES Companies, Officers & Management including, but not limited to any; actions, decisions, responsibilities, performances, any (arising) legal issues, any agreements, conduct, safety and standards, dispatch, crew, employees, schedules, marketing & advertising, finances, bookings, rates, contractors & sub contractors, etc. - THEREFORE (and as a result thereto or thereof) YVRCLIPPER / HCL assumes no Promises, Responsibilities, Liabilities or Guarantees - directly or indirectly - whatsoever - and for Any Time - of the aforesaid.